Brussels / Bruxelles Trams, November 2010

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Sprog: Nederlandsk.
Dato: November 2010.
By: Bruxelles (Belgien).

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Bruxelles Interkommunale Transport Selskab (MIVB/STIB)
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19Bruxelles sporvognslinje 19: De Wand - Groot-Bijgaarden
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23Bruxelles sporvognslinje 23: Heizel / Heysel - Vanderkindere

51Bruxelles sporvognslinje 51: Van Haelen - Stade
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92Bruxelles sporvognslinje 92: Fort-Jaco - Schaerbeek Gare / Schaarbeek Station
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Visitors to the centre of Brussels could be forgiven for thinking that the city has no tram system. During the 1970's and 80's most of the tram lines in the central area were put into tram subways, or "pre-metro" as some of the system announcements still call them, with a view to later conversion to full metro. This has caused an anomaly for the new easy-access low floor trams, where trams have to stop at cut-out sections in high level heavy metro platforms reached by steps.

The policy of putting trams (and their passengers) under the ground dates from a time when trams were seen as getting in the way of cars on the roads. Today, more enlightened and environmentally aware city planners give priority to public transport and human beings on the surface, whilst the use of private motor cars is discouraged.

Brussels / Bruxelles Trams, November 2010

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