Grenoble Trams / Tramway de Grenoble, January 2011

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Sprog: Fransk.
Dato: Januar 2011.
By: Grenoble (Frankrig).

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Transports en Commun de L'Agglomeration Grenobloise (TAG)
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AGrenoble sporvognslinje A: Fontaine La Poya - Pont-de-Claix L'Étoile
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DGrenoble sporvognslinje D: Les Taillées - Universités - Étienne Grappe
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Grenoble's old tramway closed in 1952. A new modern tramway has opened in stages from 1987 onwards. There are currently four overlapping lines that operate as a street-level light rail system. The tramway is almost exclusively private right of way, with some attractive tram and pedestrian only streets and squares in the city centre.

Cars are a 1987 design Alstom-Francorail TFS (Tramway Français Standard) and a Grenoble version of the highly-successful Alstom Citadis from 2005.

The system is standard gauge (1435 mm / 4'8 ½") 750v dc.

Grenoble Trams / Tramway de Grenoble, January 2011

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