Straßenbahn Würzburg (1)

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By: Würzburg (Tyskland).

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Würzburger Versorgung und Verkehr (WVV)
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Würzburg ekstralinje 1: Sanderau - Grombühl / Uni-Kliniken
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Würzburg ekstralinje 2: Hauptbahnhof - Zellerau
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Würzburg ekstralinje 3: Hauptbahnhof - Heuchelhof
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Würzburg sporvognslinje 4: Sanderau - Zellerau
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Würzburg sporvognslinje 5: Grombühl / Uni-Kliniken - Rottenbauer
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Würzburg is a city in Franconia, Germany. Franconia is located in the state of Bavaria but the people of Franconia don't consider themselves as Bavarians.

Würzburg has a tram system of 19,7km length in narrow gauge(1000mm) with today 5 lines. It was opened in 1892 as horse tram, in 1900 it became electrified.

Rolling stock:
A few old DUWAG trams from the 60ties and 70ties are still in use, but only during the rush hours in school times.
The six-axle cars were extended to eight-axle cars in the 80ties. Some of them were sold to other cities. They aren't allowed to operate in passenger service on the tracks to Heuchelhof (which is located on a mountain) so the use of them is limited. Some of them were sold to Poland an Romania where they are still in service today.

From 1988-1989 they got 14 new trams from LHB, type GT-E. These articulated trams with three parts were the first trams with low-floor section in Germany. The door of the middle part has a low-floor area around it.

Because of the steep tracks in Würzburg they have an all-wheel-drive. This is the only city which uses this trams.

In 1996 they got 20 100 % low-floor trams (five parts), Type GT-N, again from LHB. They have also all-wheel-drive and again Würzburg is the only city which uses them.

Straßenbahn Würzburg (1)

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