Tramvaje Ostrava - Trams in Ostrava

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Dato: 3. april 2011.
By: Ostrava (Tjekkiet).

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Dopravní podnik Ostrava (DPO)
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1Ostrava sporvognslinje 1: Hlavní nádraží - Dubina
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Beskiltet Dubina Interspar.

17Ostrava sporvognslinje 17: Dubina - Vřesinská
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2Ostrava sporvognslinje 2: Hlavní nádraží - Výškovice
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3Ostrava sporvognslinje 3: Dubina - Poruba Vozovna
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4Ostrava sporvognslinje 4: Nová huť jižní brána - Martinov
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Tram services in the third largest city in the Czech Republic in Ostrava, transport company in Ostrava (DPO).
FWD in January 2008 ran a tram service on the 65.7 km of tram track gauge of 1435 mm, which rode on 16 lines, numbered 1 to 14, 17 (daily service) and 18, 19 (night line), with a total length of 207 5 km. The cycling seasons were dispatched lines C1 and C2 (cyklotramvaje), which was deployed T3 car reg. č.1015. [1] Ostrava tram network is the third largest in the country (after Prague and Brno).

In 1897 the company built by Ganz & Comp. plant in Ostrava, Moravia, which later belonged to the Moravian elektrářské company. Immediately after the proposal was drawn up to electrify both Ostrava routes. Regular passenger transport fifteen electric trams were launched on 1 května 1, 901th

The steam operation benefited a total of 23 and 12 cars towed tramway locomotives, some of which remained in operation until 1922, when the freight electric locomotive pushed. The top 15 motor vehicles to electric tramway wagon works were produced in Poland Sanok.

Velvet Revolution and changing socio-economic conditions is reflected in Ostrava, the most noticeable change was změnou paint červenokrémové cars from the white, blue and yellow. The nineties brought the first improvement of public transport in Ostrava itself, first stop the construction of new tram lines. That changed in 1999 when it was launched in the last section of track along the street Místecká. In 2001 the electric streetcar celebrated in his centennial.

Already in 1989, first appeared in Ostrava tram Tatra KT8D5 three-section, and a year later there were further classified 15th Between 1994 and 1998, the operation included 38 Tatra T6A5. Between 1998 and 2001, followed by 14 low-floor tram Skoda 03T (Astra). Nine cars INEKON 01 Trio dates from 2002 to 2004. Since 2005, the service also low in the new building cars T3 - Tram Vario LF.

Tramvaje Ostrava - Trams in Ostrava

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