Belgium 2015 - Train Touristique de l'Aisne

Fotograf: KochersbergTV.
Sprog: Fransk.
Dato: 16. august 2015.
By: Erezée (Belgien).

Videoen viser

Tramway Touristique de l'Aisne (TTA)
Åben bivogn A.1208, på museumslinje.
Motorvogn AR 133 "Francais", type Diesel, på museumslinje.


A quick video of an interesting preserved railway in Southern Belgium: the "train touristique de l'Aisne". Originally limited to the lower part of the preserved line (Forge à la Plez), the railway was (a bit unexpecedly) prolonged this year to the upper part (Lamorménil), which had remained unused since the beginning of the tourist operation in late 1960's. On the day of our visit, railcar No. 133 was on duty. To be noted: originally fitted with a gasoline engine, it received aften the end of World War II a diesel engine recovered from a US Sherman tank. This motor is still running today.

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