Electric Tram Line Museum Amsterdam

Bruger: Amsterdam Calling.
Sprog: Nederlandsk.
Dato: 15. juli 2015.
By: Amsterdam (Holland).

Videoen viser

Electrische Museumtramlijn Amsterdam (EMA)
Motorvogn 465, type Beijnes 3G, på museumslinje 30, beskiltet linje 24.
Motorvogn 4143, på museumslinje 30, beskiltet linje 8.
Museumslinje 30.


This museum is the perfect way to experience what city transportation was like in Amsterdam nearly 100 years ago. It's housed in the Haarlemmermeer Station and inside and out it pretty much looks the same as it did when it was first built. Since 1975 the museum has been restoring old trams to their original condition and their fleet now numbers over 20. But the best part is that on every Sunday between April and October, the trams ride for the public again on an old line between Amsterdam and Amstelveen, stopping at the old stops along the 7 kilometer route. In our video here, Gessell steps back in time & takes this fun, retro round-trip tram ride....All aboard!

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