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Eléctrico de Sintra

Bruger: Matthew Geier.
Sprog: Portugisisk.
Dato: 7. september 2014.
By: Sintra (Portugal).

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Eléctrico de Sintra
Museumslinje Eléctrico de Sintra.


Sintra to Praia das Maçãs on the vintage interurban tramway.
The car used was 'Cross Bench' No 6.
This video is in 'real time'.

The trip is about 40 minutes, which is a long run for a 100+ year old tram, and the €3 fare for a one way trip is good value.

The little 4 wheel tram can only hold approx 30 passengers. There were no signs to the Sintra station and the tourist loop buses don't go to it's station. Given the limited capacity of the trams this is probably just as well.

The only down side of the operation is the excessive amount of flange squeal in the many curves.

Eléctrico de Sintra

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