Last Sydney Tram Re-creation

Bruger: Mixed Gauge Videos.
Sprog: Engelsk.
Dato: 27. februar 2011.
By: Sydney (Australien).

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Sydney Tramway Museum
Museumslinje Sydney Tramway Museum, i retning mod Circular Quay.


On the weekend of 26-27/2/2011, the Sydney Tramway Museum staged a Special Event to commemorate 50 Years since the Last Tram in Sydney on 25/2/1961. This video features scenes of the trams returning to the Museum at Loftus after their run to Sutherland, with R1 1979 having had chalk messages written all over it, mostly pertaining to either the Politics of 1960/61, or 2011. It was followed by R 1740 and R1 2001. The second scene shows the trams returning to the depot, and the gates being closed behind them, as they were at Randwick Workshops 50 years ago.

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