Sacramento Light Rail Trains Month Of July 2017

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Dato: 31. juli 2017.
By: Sacramento (USA).

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Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT)
Sporvognslinje Guld.


Compilation of Sacramento Regional Transit light rail trains on the Gold, Blue, and Green Lines for the month of June 2017. Their are also some clips of various freight trains also. The clips are in order from beginning of month to end of month. The Golden 1 Center ad wrap scheme are on cars SACRT 112, 121, 105, 126, 127, 108, 113, 117 and 124 and 129 as of July 2017 when the last couple of Siemens Cars with the new Golden 1 Center Scheme added was SACRT 124 and 129 was added with this color. Also a newly refurbished UTDC car 309 was added into service this month also being the newest refurbished UTDC Ex-VTA car running on the system. Theirs a few clips of the newly colored cars 124 and 129 and the refurbished UTDC in this video. The Dignity Health orange ad wrap car is SACRT 123. The Uber Blue ad wrap car is SACRT 104. The RideSACRT wrap ad are cars SACRT 106, 102, 132, and 120. The Green lines car is Green which is car 109. Siemens cars only have the wrap ads. The wrap ads for the RideSacrt, Golden 1 Center, Uber, and Dignity Health wrap ads started getting put on the trains in August 2016.

Important Info:
The YouTube video editor will be removed from YouTube September 20, 2017. Im trying to get out as much special videos as possible because my laptop doesnt have memory so I use the only video editor on youtube. If I cant find another good online video editor I will not be making any special videos anymore which means no more subscriber specials, no more light rail month videos, and no more crossing comparison videos if I cant find something proper.

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