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Trams à Strasbourg, France - 1080p

YouTube navn: Timosha21.
Sprog: Fransk.
Dato: 24. august 2015.
By: Strasbourg (Frankrig).

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Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTS)
Sporvognslinje A, i retning mod Parc des Sports.
Sporvognslinje D, i retning mod Poteries.
Sporvognslinje E, beskiltet Polygone.
Sporvognslinje C, i retning mod Neuhof Rodolphe Reuss.
Sporvognslinje F, i retning mod Elsau.


have you ever seen such amazing tram models? These are so beautiful! The future is here and its great!
The decline of the tramways system began in the 1930s, and ended with the retirement of the service in 1960 in parallel to the closure of many such systems in France and the rest of the world. However, a strategic reconsideration of the city's public transport requirements led to the reconstruction of the system, a development whose success led to other large French cities reopening their tramways, such as Montpellier and Nice. Lines A and D were opened in 1994, lines B and C were opened in 2000, line E was opened in 2007 and line F was opened in 2010. It is regarded as a remarkable example of the tramway's rebirth in the 1990s. Together with the success seen in Nantes since 1985, the Strasbourg experiment resulted in the construction of tramways in multiple other French urban areas, and the expansion of tramway systems remains an ongoing project in Strasbourg and throughout France.

Trams à Strasbourg, France - 1080p

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Selskab: Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTS)
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