Trams in Freiburg April 2011

Bruger: Ruairidh MacVeigh.
Sprog: Tysk.
Dato: April 2012.
By: Freiburg im Breisgau (Tyskland).

Videoen viser

Freiburger Verkehr (VAG)
Sporvognslinje 2 (D), i retning mod Zähringen.
Ledvogn 257, fabrik ABB/Düwag, type GT 8 DMNZ, på sporvognslinje 3 (C), i retning mod Vauban, med totalreklame for Breigau S-Bahn.
Ledvogn 255, fabrik ABB/Düwag, type GT 8 DMNZ, på sporvognslinje 3 (C), i retning mod Haid.
Sporvognslinje 5.


Founded in 1899, the Freiburger Verkehrs AG is one of Germany's most extensive Tram Systems, with 4 lines connecting all parts of the Ancient German City. Today, the Tram system is both extensive and efficient, exploiting the city's massive pedestrianised zone in the central streets in order to avoid the traffic.

On this day I found myself at the famous Martinstor (or Martin's Gate), one of the original city gates whose roots can be traced back as far as 1202. Today, instead of horses, trams now rumble through the gates on their way up and down the main street. The most common sight on the tram lines was the 1980s built GT8Z Trams running in both the interesting Crimson and Cream as well as various advertising liveries. Another sight was the 1960s built GT8N, which are now becoming scarce on the routes as the newly built Combino Advanced are introduced onto the lines, one of which I was able to catch heading eastbound.

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