Tramway de Nice, France 2016 - 1080p.

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Sprog: Fransk.
Dato: 26. juli 2016.
By: Nice (Frankrig).

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Lignes d'Azur
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1Nice sporvognslinje 1: Hôpital Pasteur - Henri Sappia
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Nice lavgulvsledvogn 028, fabrik Alstom, type Citadis 301.

Nice lavgulvsledvogn 004, fabrik Alstom, type Citadis 301, i retning mod Hôpital Pasteur.

Nice lavgulvsledvogn 012, fabrik Alstom, type Citadis 301, i retning mod Hôpital Pasteur.


Opened in 2007, the Nice tramway (French: Tramway de Nice) is a 8.7-kilometre (5.4 mi), single-line tramway in the city of Nice in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France. It is operated by the Société nouvelle des transports de l'agglomération niçoise division of Veolia Transdev under the name Lignes d'azur
The cars of the Nice tramway are unique and have been designed to blend in with the Niçois architecture. They are based on the Alstom Citadis family of tramcars and were built near La Rochelle, Poitou-Charentes.
Nice tramway was originally to use the ground-level power supply third rail system as used by Bordeaux tramway. However, this was abandoned in favour of the more conventional overhead power supply cables providing 750 V DC, except where the tram crosses the Place Masséna and Place Garibaldi, when it lowers its pantograph and relies on its onboard nickel metal hydride batteries to cross these large open spaces, where overhead wires would be an eyesore

Tramway de Nice, France 2016 - 1080p.

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